Welcome to Cheshire Home Physio

We are a personalised physiotherapy practice, working within East Cheshire, providing a mobile physiotherapy, massage and reflexology service in the comfort and privacy of your home.

The lead practitioner is Katharina S Hargreaves, a Chartered Physiotherapist with extensive experience of helping patients in hospital, hospice and at home.

We offer a wide range of physiotherapy, massage and reflexology treatments. Each client will be assessed on an individual basis and given treatment appropriate to their age and condition, in order to promote recovery.

If you have recently had surgery, a debilitating illness, a fall, treatment for cancer or are simply struggling with normal day to day tasks that you found easy a few years ago, then we can help you. Our flexibility allows you to have treatment at times to suit you, without the need to take time off work and with minimum time away from other daily activities. We will provide a friendly and professional rehabilitation service to help increase your confidence and achieve physical independence as swiftly as possible.

Cheshire Home Physio is based in Macclesfield and we cover the surrounding areas of East Cheshire within 10 miles of Macclesfield centre, though we may be able to accept patients further afield with a small increase in fee to cover the additional time and travel costs incurred.